Android Need Background Running Services For Auto-Hibernation To Work App

Featured as Lifehacker’s high one Utility in 2013 Best golem Apps, golem Authority’s high three Best Root Apps

“Aggressive Doze” and “Doze on the Go” to maximise the battery saving on golem 6+, even while not root! (details explained in settings)


Never ought to your phone or pill become slower and battery hungrier once a lot of apps put in. With Greenify, your device will run virtually as swimmingly and lastingly because it did the primary day you had it!


Greenify assist you determine and place the misbehaving apps into hibernation after you aren’t victimization them, to prevent them from insulant your device and leeching the battery, in an exceedingly distinctive way! they’ll do nothing while not specific launch by you or alternative apps, whereas still protective full practicality once running in foreground, almost like iOS apps!


Please report bugs within the XDA forum or G+ community

Greenify ne’er EVER collects your personal knowledge despite the aptitude of accessibility service, it simply takes advantage of it to automatize things.


IMPORTANT: Greenifying AN app implies that you simply square measure aware that each one the background practicality (service, periodic task, event receiver, alarm, device update, push message) of this app can become out of service throughout the hibernation except after you square measure victimization this app.


NEVER greenify timepiece apps, instant electronic messaging apps unless you do not believe them. Please do verify the impact of greenified apps on that you heavily swear.


Note: Greenify will want background running services for auto-hibernation to figure. it’s designed and enforced in extraordinarily light-weight and nearly zero computer hardware and battery consumption.



DEVICE ADMIN: This app uses administrator privilege to show off the screen directly once machine-controlled hibernation on non-root devices. This permission are going to be requested expressly for your consent providing needed.


DRAW OVER alternative APP: To dim the screen throughout automatic hibernation once the screen is anticipated to be off download


DISABLE SCREEN LOCK & BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE: For automatic hibernation to figure on non-root devices.
GET ACCOUNTS & WRITE correct SETTINGS: management the account correct of apps if its correct task is simply too frequent.